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BJ Fentress, Deacon wbs@centralcocfamily.com World Bible School has students in almost every country of the world. Right now, about 1,000,000 people are enrolled in studies with us. More and more people are enrolling every day. The Bible is our Subject. In a world with billions of books, only one is called "The Book". no education of life is complete without it. WBS helps to satisfy your hunger for the very best kind of spiritual food. The school uses correspondence. The FREE Bible courses will be mailed to you by your Christian friend at Central Church of Christ, who will be your study helper. If you would like to have a correspondence course sent to you, you may send an email to the address above or click on the World Bible School link above and you will be redirected to the WBS website where you can sign up to study the Bible with us.

There will be a special "Missions Sunday" coming soon to Central. The lesson for the day will center on and around all the various world missions the Central church supports.

Our theme for 2015 is "Finding our Focus and Keeping our Balance". The key text for this theme is taken from 1 Corinthians 3.9-10. Our lessons for our Summer Series as well as other classes revolve around this theme.